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Already left Home, or started your Trip? Forgotten to take cover? Travel insurance has run out? Get a quote and buy now with Globelink!
Available for all UK and EU and EEA residents including residents of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

Already abroad?

Globelink will still get you covered!

If you have already started your trip, or are already abroad, travel insurance may not be so easy to find. So whether you have already travelled and forgotten to purchase travel insurance before leaving, or if your policy has expired, or will expire part way through your trip, you can still get cover at any time while you are travelling, with a Globelink Already Travelling Policy.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: ALL policies provide Emergency Medical, Repatriation and Cancellation & Curtailment cover if you contract Coronavirus, provided you don’t travel against your Government’s travel instructions. Should you travel to a country in which your local Government advise against certain travel due to COVID, your Insurance will remain valid for insured events that are not COVID related. This is on condition there is no compulsory/legal Government restriction preventing travel. Read more about COVID Cover here. Always check your Government restrictions and those of the location you plan to visit before booking and travel.

Already Travelling cover is subject to the total period outside of your usual country of residence within the EU not exceeding 18 months for under 65's or 6 months for ages 66-74 years and also that no claims, or any incident likely to lead to a claim has previously occurred. For example, if you lost your camera yesterday, you can't take out this insurance today and make a claim for it.

Important Information Relating to Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

In view of the type of insurance being provided, we will not accept claims arising from any pre-existing medical condition on the Already Travelling Policy, unless the medical condition falls within the No Screen Conditions.

There is an anti-fraud measure built in to our Already Travelling policy which means you cannot claim for anything for 2 days after you have taken out the policy. The only exception is if you have a serious medical emergency or are injured in an accident, which was witnessed and verified independently, then you are covered from the date of purchase.


Already travelling travel insurance policy key benefits

  • 24/7 Medical Emergency Assistance service
  • No hidden costs and low excess levels
  • Over 60 Adventure Activities are covered for free
  • Already Travelling policy is available for people aged up to 74
  • Purchasing travel Insurance takes just a few minutes


So you relax in the knowledge that you can buy travel insurance even if you are already overseas. Get a free quote now and get covered!


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September 17, 2023

Very friendly and helpful..Good competitive rates to suit needs

Tony Bartlett
September 10, 2023

Have been using Globelink for years always a very agreeable transaction. Fortunately not had need of them so far.

September 10, 2023

An excellent firm to deal with. I have been with them for years and have found them very good .

Isabella Ness
September 10, 2023

Quick and simple renewal process and a minimal price rise from last year which was very welcome.

September 10, 2023

Competitive price

September 8, 2023

Globelink provide a professional travel Insurance service at an affordable cost. They help you navigate their easy to follow web site or telephone help.The big plus is their cost is better than other companies, especially for Seniors and their cover includes cruises and various medical conditions. I have used Globelink before and have just booked again and their support service is excellent and saved me money yet again. William

William has the
September 5, 2023

Highly recommended As & when problems arise they are quickly resolved

September 1, 2023

I was struggling a little with payments but one telephone call to Tracy and all was fine. Hats off to her!

September 1, 2023

Easy to use, no problem to pay. Hopefully as easy to claim

September 1, 2023

I have signed up with Gloelink International Travel Insurance now for the second time and am very grateful, that they insure also seniors over 70 years old. I have not yet had the need to use the insurance, thank God, but I am very pleased how easy it is to sign up on their website, which stores all your details. thank you

Ruth Schlatter
August 5, 2023

I\'ve used them once before. Good website, everything is clear and upfront! And the only one I could find that does the over-80s age group. Not had to claim though, so don\'t know about that side.

August 5, 2023

So easy to obtain the right cover. Whether you have medical issues or not. From start to finish it’s easy.

Alan Stewart
July 20, 2023

Great Value Annual Worldwide Cover Policy

Chris CJF
July 17, 2023

Although I have never had cause to use the insurance it is very comforting to know it is always there

July 17, 2023

Been with Globelink for 3 years plus would not purchase travel insurance anywhere else.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to get travel insurance if you are already abroad?

If you are already abroad and have forgotten to take travel insurance or your travel insurance has run out, you can still get cover with an Already Travelling policy with Globelink.

How much does travel insurance if you are already abroad cost?

It depends where you are, your age and how long you are travelling for. Globelink travel insurance policy if you are already abroad costs from €.

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