Annual Travel Insurance

  • Perfect for travel more than once a year
  • Individual trips up to 120 days at a time
  • No 'maximum days abroad' restrictions
  • Available for people aged up to 79
  • Cruise Cover FREE
  • Get 17 days Winter Sports Cover FREE with 45 days plus options
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 Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

What is an Annual Travel Insurance Policy?

An Annual policy is designed for Individuals (from €), Couples or Families (from € per Family) who take more than one trip within a 12 months period. Take as many trips as you wish and be covered all year long. We recommend that you select an immediate start date as this will ensure that you are covered for the cancellation of any pre-booked holiday.

Can I get Annual Holiday Insurance Now?

You can with Globelink! It's essential to make an informed choice about where you travel based on your Government advice and that of your destination. Its also essential to stay protected with annual travel insurance if you have any booked trips. Buying year-long will cover you for certain Cancellation risks even before you travel - like injury or illness (including catching Covid within 14 days of travel, or while you're away), accidents, death, jury service, redundancy. We recommend that you select an immediate start date if you have pre-booked trips to protect.

Top Tip: The current travel situation means there's a higher risk of your trip dates changing - with annual policy you don't have to amend your travel insurance if your dates change - as long as you're still travelling within the policy cover period and your geographical area hasnt changed; and your trip length is within your chosen policy maximum duration.

Can I buy now with a future Start Date?

Unlike most other Travel Insurance providers, you can buy a Globelink Annual Multi Trip Travel insurance policy up 4 MONTHS in advance! Most other major companies only allow you to buy up to one or two months ahead at most.

What's the benefit? You lock in todays price and avoid future price increases or changes in terms and conditions.

Top Tip: Buy now and set your Start date up to 4 months in advance when you are likely to be travelling more (as long as you don't have any booked trips to protect as you wont get the benefit of Cancellation Cover until your policy starts).


* Kids go free on all Annual Insurance. Up to 4 kids aged 17 or under, plus infants under 2yrs old - all for free!

* Couples get an automatic discount when you buy an annual travel policy.

Can I get Coronavirus Cover?

ALL Globelink Annual Insurance Plans include Emergency Medical, Repatriation and Cancellation & Curtailment cover if you contract Coronavirus within 14 days of travel or while you are away - provided your Government legally permits you to travel and does not advise against travel due to Coronavirus. Should you travel to a country that your Government advises against travel due to Covid-19 - you can still buy insurance and your cover remains valid for all insured events that are NOT Covid related. So if you need to cancel or curtail your trip, or have a medical emergency that is not related to Coronavirus - you have the peace of mind that cover is in place to protect you. You cant claim for costs associated with Coronavirus where your Government advises against travel to your destination (unless you have an exception, or legally permitted reason to travel).

Top Tip: Always check your Government advice and those of the location you plan to visit before booking and travelling. There will probably be additional Covid related steps to complete before you are permitted to travel.

Globelink Covid Cover Includes:

  • Cancellation Cover (positive test within 14 days of travel)
  • Curtailment Cover (positive test on your trip)
  • Additional accommodation and travel costs where authorised by the 24 hr Assistance Service
  • Emergency Medical Costs and Medical Repatriation (always contact the 24 hr Multi-lingual Assistance Service)
  • Compulsory Quarantine Cover (resulting from your personal medical condition on Dr's advice - not area restrictions).

What Cover do you get with Annual Insurance?

Globelink annual multi-trip policies provide our Comprehensive level of protection. Unlike many of our competitors - we don't advertise a basic price and then expect you to pay extra for certain benefits like COVID Protection; Cruise Cover; or Multi-Destination surcharges. We provide individual trip durations betwen 17 - 120 days and we don't set a 'maximum days abroad' like our competitors. Travel as many times as you like in 12 months, as long as each trip is within your chosen trip destination.

Globelink year-long policy covers:

  • €10 Million Medical and Repatriation Expenses
  • up to 120 day trip durations
  • Free Cruise Cover
  • Kids go free
  • Cancellation and Cutting your trip short
  • €2 Million in Personal Liability Cover
  • 17 days Winter Sports cover Free with 45 day + trip durations
  • End Supplier Failure Cover
  • €25,000 Personal Accident Cover (conditions apply)

Can I change my Travel Insurance Policy after I purchase?

You can with Globelink:

* If you change your mind about your purchase, you can cancel your policy and receive a full refund within 14 days of your purchase date.

* If you decide to travel to a different Geographical Area from the one you purchased; or fancy a couple of longer trips than your maximum trip duration -  just contact us as soon as you know and we will provide a quote so you can upgrade your policy immediately.

* If you need to add a child to your policy, or have an address change; country change or name change - get in touch and we will arrange an amended Certificate for you straight away.

Government Advice

Travel advice can change with little notice, so it's important to keep aware of current information. For EU residents you will need to check your local Government advice. For UK residents it's the FCDO advice - check here for full details. The FCDO have announced a new traffic light system for categorising international travel risks and the rules for exiting and entering the country. Other EU countries have similar systems and rules. Before you travel, check your Government advice and that of the location you are travelling to and follow the rules.

The cheapest annual holiday insurance policy is € (based on 1 adult aged up to 50 travelling in Europe for up to 17 days per trip).

Annual Trip Insurance Top Benefits

  • Trip durations up to 120 days at a time (under 65s)
  • Couples Discounts and kids 17yrs or younger go free (up to 4 kids, plus infants under 2yrs per Policy)
  • No hidden costs - CRUISE Cover included
  • 24-hour 365 Multi-Lingual Assistance Service
  • Available to people living in the EU or EEA Countries
  • End Supplier Insolvency Insurance cover as standard
  • Chose and add any Extras 
  • No maximum trip days abroad


The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) / Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) provides some emergency healthcare within the EU, but it does not cover Repatriation costs, or a doctor or nurse escort home; nor lost or stolen property. You need Travel Insurance for that.


We recommend that you select an immediate start date as this will ensure that you are covered for certain Cancellation risks for any pre-booked trips. You can select a future start date as long as you know that if you have to cancel your trip before your policy Start Date, you wont be covered.

Annual Policy Age up to 65

Unlimited number of trips during a 12 month period with each trip duration of up to 120 days.

from 84.90

Annual Policy Age 66 to 70

Unlimited number of trips during a 12 month period with each trip duration of up to 60 days.

from 160.24

Annual Policy Age 71 to 74

Unlimited number of trips during a 12 month period with each trip duration of up to 60 days Worldwide.

from 239.24

Annual Policy Age 75 to 79

Unlimited number of trips during a 12 month period with each trip duration of up to 60 days in Europe or 31 days Worldwide.

from 310.03

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance?

Annual Multi Trip travel insurance is tailored for people who travel twice or more a year. You can take as many holidays as you like and stay covered all year long.

How does Annual Travel Insurance work?

If you buy Annual Multi Trip travel insurance, you're covered for all the trips you take all year long. You wont need to tell us when or where you travel, as long as all your trips fall within the geographical area and trip duration option you purchased. That means you buy insurance once and you are sorted for the next 12 months!

Which Annual cover is the best?

It depends on what cover you need; where you travel; how long at a time and whether you have any pre-existing medical conditions. You should compare policy options and select the one that suits your needs. Beware of a cheap up-front price that then requires you to add a whole load of 'extras' to get the cover you need. Globelink offer multi trip plans with varying trip lengths so choose the best one for you. You can always upgrade if you decide on a longer trip.

How much does year-long policy cost?

It depends on the number of travellers, your age, where you go and your trip duration. The cheapest annual policy is € (based on 1 adult aged up to 50 travelling in Europe for up to 17 days per trip).

When should I buy annual policy?

Its best to buy as soon as you have booked any element of your trip. You can buy your Annual policy with an immediate start date, or select a future Start Date up to 4 months with Globelink if you have no pre-booked trips to protect yet.

Why is Annual Cover cheaper than Single?

It depends on the cover, your age and trip length. Annual Trip Insurance policy can be cheaper than Single Trip Travel Insurance depending on trip length. Annual Travel cover is designed for those who travel twice or more a year for trips up to 120 days per trip. What's more, if you buy Annual Multi Trip policy taking the 45 days or above option, you get 17 days free Winter Sports cover as standard.

Where to buy Annual Milti Trip Policy?

There are a lot of choices but we have been selling travel insurance for over 25 years and provide quality insurance without the need to add a lot of extras to get the cover you need. Select one of our Globelink Annual trip insurance options with the trip duration you need and add any additional options you might need. Remember, cruise cover is provided for FREE.

Still have questions?

Email us on or give our team a call on +44 (0) 1353 699082 or +357 240 30337.
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