Underwater Activities Travel Insurance

  • Snorkelling and Scuba Diving
  • Underwater Photography and Videography
  • To maximum depth of 30 metres
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What Underwater Activities Are Covered?

There is a vast number of underwater activities that let you experience marine life up close and personal. 

Globelink ensure that we cover the most popular of these activities - Snorkelling and Scuba Diving - underwater Photography and Videography - all among the most rewarding of underwater activities that let you explore our unique underwater world. 

Dangers of Underwater Activities

Underwater activities are exciting, but as with many adventure activities, it can involve some elements of risk. Ocean waters and the underwater environment are unpredicatble and this can raise the potential risks and hazards faced.  If you want to experience Scuba Diving make sure you enroll with a reputable training school with a good track record. 

Globelink underwater activities travel insurance policy will cover you to a depth of 30 metres. Please read the terms that apply below: If you are over 65 yrs, please contact us with full detaisl of your trip and diving qualifications and we will let you know if we can provide cover. 

Appendix C - Scuba Diving Endorsement

This insurance is extended to cover the insured person whilst engaging in underwater activities requiring the use of artificial breathing apparatus (scuba) subject to the insured person being approved as medically fit to dive by the person or company who/which has organised the diving, and subject otherwise to all terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations of this insurance.

What is not covered

This insurance does not cover claims directly or indirectly arising from, happening through or as a result of:

  • Diving by persons not holding a recognised certificate for the type of diving being undertaken, or not under professional instruction
  • Diving without proper equipment and/or contrary to codes of good practice according to bona fide organisations such as PADI or BSAC.
  • Diving to depths greater than 30 metres (or 50 metres if additional premium paid)
  • Solo diving
  • Night Diving
  • Specifically organised cave diving
  • Diving for hire or reward
  • Flying within 24 hours of last dive
  • Diving whilst suffering from a cold, influenza, infection or obstruction of the sinuses or ears
  • Diving by persons aged under 12 years of age or over 65

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