Globetrekkers Standard Travel Insurance

  • For people aged up to 50
  • Trip of up to 15 months at a time and can be extended to 18 months
  • 100 Adventure Activities covered for free including hiking to 3,500 meters
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What is Globetrekkers Standard Travel Insurance?

Good for people aged up to 50 years old and globetrekkers or backpackers on a tight budget looking for a no frills Emergency Medical Travel Insurance. Globetrekkers Standard travel insurance (from €) gives you essential cover or you can opt for the additional security of a Globetrekkers Standard Plus Travel Insurance with the added benefit of Baggage, Money and Documents, Personal Accident and Legal Expenses cover.

You are eligible if you live anywhere in the EU and can take trips up to 15 months and extend to maximum of 18 months.

Globetrekkers Standard Policy Key Benefits

  • Available to EU and EEA residents
  • Over 50 pre-existing medical conditions covered
  • 100 Adventure Activities for free and higher risk activity options for an extra charge
  • Low excess level & no hidden costs
  • Kids travel with 50% discount
  • 24-hour Medical Assistance
  • Save money and time and buy online in minutes


The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) / Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) provides some emergency healthcare within the EU, but it does not cover Repatriation costs, or a doctor or nurse escort home; nor lost or stolen property. You need Travel Insurance for that.


Globetrekkers Standard is the budget solution for long stay journeys. Check our Globetrekkers Plus policy if you need more cover.

Globetrekkers Standard Travel Insurance covers worldwide trips. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going backpacking to a neighbouring country or trekking across the globe - you will stay protected wherever you are.

Medical Issues? Still want to be adventure-seeker and discover the world? Globelink covers a wide range of pre-existing medical conditions for free. Diabetes, glaucoma, asthma and many other conditions are on our list of ‘no screen conditions’ and are covered as standard by the Globetrekkers Standard policy.

Don't just travel on budget, get insured on budget too!

You can customise your Backpacker Travel Insurance by adding extensions to suit your travelling itinerary. Looking to bungee jump, scuba dive, swim with dolphins, or much more? If you are trying out a new, or favourite pastime, check its on our adventure activity list so you’re covered if you get an injury or have an accident. Globetrekkers Standard covers 100 Adventure Activity for free. Go bungee jumping or scuba diving up to 30 metres and you’re covered.

Additional higher risk activities can be covered at an extra charge, so check our Activities lists.

Add an Extra return home option to your policy, so you can press the pause button on a Long Stay Trip.

Please note – we suggest you consider an immediate start date for your Travel Insurance so you are covered for the risk of Cancellation of any pre-booked trip costs.

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