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Trekking Travel Insurance

What is Trekking Travel Insurance?

There's nothing like exploring the world with your own two feet and taking a trekking or walking trip. There are millions of ways to travel, but nothing gets you back to nature better than trekking and embracing those incredible landscapes and new cultures. Whether you are a hardened trekker or embarking on your first trek, you need to make sure that your secure while away and that your travel insurance covers trekking. Carefully check the small print to see what altitude you're covered at and what terms apply. Especially as trekking usually envoles remote locations and challenging landscapes.

Decent trekking insurance is essential and you should ensure you're covered for emergency medical costs and repatriation expenses, and also all those other things that might go wrong on your trip, like lost luggage or stollen passports.

The cheapest Comprehensive policy is € (based on 1 adult aged up to 50 travelling in Europe for up to 5 days). Our Globetrekker options are best if you are on an extended trip of one month or more and on a budget. You will get paired down cover, but you will still be protected for medical expenses and repatriation cover. 

Trekking Travel Insurance Key Benefits

  • Cover for over 50 pre-existing medical conditions included as standard. 
  • Many hazardous activities included and higher risk activities can often be included for an extra premium 
  • Already Travelling Insurance available to buy on line
  • customise your travel insurance with our extra covers.

Attention! The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) / Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) provides some emergency healthcare within the EU, but it does not cover Repatriation costs, or a doctor or nurse escort home; nor lost or stolen property. You need Travel Insurance for that.


What is covered?

All Globelink travel insurance policies cover trekking for free, as long as your trek wont involve technical climbing. Cover includes medical evacuation and repatriation home where medically necessary.

Know before you go

Research the area well before you travel, carry all teh necessary kit to keep you safe, such as suitable sun screen, insect repellent, prescribed medication, suitable clothing for adverse, changable weather. Find out about trekking routes, trekking grades and risks of trekking in the trekking guide.

Always leave your route with a contact and your planned trip length so they can check and raise the alarm if necessary. Risks include physical exhaustion, altitude sickness, and injury. You might develop headaches, nausea and extreme tiredness bought on by the effect of the thinner air at high altitudes. If you are on an organised tour, check that your tour guides are suitably qualified and aware of dangers and how to keep you safe. 

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