Additional Cover for Valuables

Arrange additional travel insurance for your valuables and electronics so your protected against theft or damage.

What Valuables can I cover?

Depening on the policy type you are purchasing, this cover option comes in two levels, to protect valuable items such as:

  • Laptops
  • Mobile phones
  • iPads
  • Video cameras
  • Cameras
How do you choose the right policy extension?

Tailor your policy by selecting the relevant Globelink policy Extras at Step 3 while purchasing your cover online. Or call our travel insurance professionals on +357 240 30337, who will help you get the right cover to suit your travel plans.

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Comprehensive, Annual Multi-trip & Winter Sports policies include Baggage & Personal Effects cover up to a total of €3,000, with a Single Item limit and valuables limit of €300. If you need to, you can increase this cover up to an additional value of €1,000. The way this works is as follows: you can add one additional item valued at up to €1,000, OR, you can add more than one item, with a combined value of €1,000 (for example 2 items valued at €500 each). See below for the terms that apply.

Globetrekkers Standard Plus & Regular Cover policies include Baggage & Personal Effects cover up to a total of €1,000, with a single item and valuables limit of €150. By adding this extra option you can increase your cover protection up to an additional total value of €500. The way this works is that you can add one additional item valued up to €500, OR, alternatively add more than one item with a combined value of €500 (for example two items valued at €300 and €200 - both adding up to a combined value of €500). See below, for terms.


Give yourself added protection and peace of mind by ensuring your valueables are fully protected. Obtain high value baggage insurance for a worry-free trip.

IMPORTANT: baggage claims are settled on an Indemnity basis only. This means that the you will get the current used / second hand value of the item today (not as new).

  1. Single Item limit and total value limit is €500 on Globetrekker and Regular cover.
  2. Single Item limit and total valueables limit is €1,000 on Comprehensive, Annual Multi Trip and Winter Sports.


Premium Charged for item 1 = 30% of the total Premium (Minimum charge = €20)
Premium Charged on item 2 = €85.00.


How do I add Extra Cover for my Valuables?

You can add this additional cover for valuables easily at Step 3 of the quote process on the ‘Extras page’ ‘Add Additional Cover for Valuables’ Option: simply click on this option and specify the make, model, product age, serial No and value of each item. REMEMBER: In the event of a claim, insurers pay the current (second hand) value of the item. Cover is not replacement as new.


What are benefits of travel insurance cover for Valuables?

Valuables and electronic items that you take on your trip are usually readily portable and small enough to be easily targeted by theives, or prone to damage as you carry them with you outdoors. Even the most vigilent of travellers can falll prey to the dangers, difficulties or accidents faced on a trip. Especially if you are pre-occupied with enjoying your new and exciting surroundings. 


With the additional travel insurance cover for valuables you have these benefits:


  • Peace of mind knowing your valuables are covered
  • No stress due to loss or accidents
  • Affordable, tailored cover
  • Current value reimbursement

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