Return Home Additional Option

Available wherever you live in the UK and EU. 

What is the Return Home option?

Globelink Return Home option is extra cover that you can add to our Backpacker products which we call Globetrekker policies. Globetrekkers policies are designed for travellers up to 50 yrs old on a longer stay trip, or on a budget, especially trips of one month of more, whether you are volunteering, working abroad, visiting family or friends or exploring the world.


The Return Home option is perfect as it allows you teh flexibilty to travel home on up to two trips to your usual country of residence within the EU during the period of your travel insurance. So add this cover when you buy for that added peace of mind that you can suspend your trip and travel home for any reason - such as medical matters, family circumstances, special occasions such as weddings etc.

How to choose the right policy extension?

Tailor your policy by selecting relevant Globelink policy Extras at Step 3 when purchasing your cover online. Or call our travel insurance professionals on +357 240 30337, who will help you get the right cover to suit your travel plans.

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Press the Pause Button on a Long Stay Trip

Return Home option allows you to travel home on up to two trips to your country of residence within the EU during the period of insurance without your policy lapsing or being invalidated. If you need to suspend your trip and return home while you are on your long-stay trip abroad, you can do so if you have this additional cover. Your policy won’t automatically lapse just because you have done so. Your travel insurance cover will be pended/suspended while you are home – so cover does not apply whilst you are in your home country and will not start again until you commence your outward journey to re-continue your insured trip. The exception is Cancellation cover - which remains in place and valid for the remaining proportion of your trip while you are at home. Your original insured policy dates will still apply so check that your policy period still meet your requirements after you have returned home. You can easily email or call Globelink to discuss extension options (up to 18 months maximum total trip).


Fredom to be Flexible

Globelink offer perfect long-term insurance with the Return Home option for globetrekkers, career breakers, travelling writers, working abroad etc., Globetrekkers Travel Insurance allows you to purchase travel insurance for up to 15 months (and can be extended to 18 months). Globetrekkers Policies are available with two different cover levels to suit your requirements.


Dont forget to add the extra Return Home insurance option so you have trh freedom to return home duing your long stay trip if the unexpected happens.


Globetrekkers Policies are different from Annual Multi Trip Policies which cover unlimited trips during a 12 month period within a specified maximum trip duration. Globetrekkers Policies insure one trip away at any one time. Here are some of the other policy types we offer. Please note that can only add the ‘Return Home’ Extra Option to our Backpacker products.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Single Trip Travel Insurance is designed for people aged up to 89 travelling independently or on a package holiday with a maximum trip duration of up to 15 months.

from 25.33

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Travelling more than once a year? Take as many holidays as you wish and be covered all year long! 17 days Winter Sports Cover FREE if you take out the 45 days policy.

from 84.90

Backpacker Travel Insurance

Career breaker? Globetrekker? Globelink Insurance offer the budget solution for long stay journeys.

from 69.61

Seniors Travel Insurance

Travel the world regardless of your age. It is safe and easy with Globelink Travel Insurance.

from 50.62
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