Wedding Travel Insurance

Help ensure that the best day of your life is just as perfect as you imagined!

This travel insurance provides cover for unexpected / unforeseen eventualities. Unfortunately you will not be covered under this Wedding Extra Cover Section of this insurance for claims relating to Coronavirus as this is a circumstance known to you at the time of purchasing this insurance, which could reasonably lead to cancellation or curtailment of the event. If you have any questions, please email us on You can still be covered for other insured eventualities under this insurance.

What is covered?

  • Wedding Attire
  • Wedding Bands limit
  • Cancellation of Ceremony and/or Reception
  • Wedding Photography
  • Wedding Gifts
How to choose the right policy extension?

Tailor your policy by selecting relevant Globelink policy Extras at Step 3 when purchasing your cover online. Or call our travel insurance professionals on +357 240 30337, who will help you get the right cover to suit your travel plans.

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Chose this additional Globelink Wedding Extention to get teh additional benefits to your standard cover:

Section Cover Maximum Sums Insured per Person Excess per Claim
Wedding Attire including Up to €2,000 Per Couple in total  €50
Wedding Bands limit Up to €500 per Couple in total  €50
Cancellation of Ceremony and/or Reception Up to €1,000 in total  €50
Wedding Photography/Photo’s Up to €500 in total  €50
Wedding Gifts Up to €1,000 in total  €50



This Section is only valid if the additional premium has been paid and this is shown on Your Validation Certificate.


Wedding Attire shall mean: dress, suit, shoes and other accessories purchased specifically for Your wedding.

You/Your means the couple traveling to be married whose names are shown on the validation certificate.


What is covered:

We will pay up to the amount shown in the Schedule of Cover for accidental loss, theft or damage to the items shown below and forming part of your baggage (NOTE: Coronavirus related claims excluded):


  1. We will pay up to €2,000 in total per couple for loss or theft of Your Wedding Attire which is specifically to be worn by You on Your wedding day.
  2. We will pay up to €500 in total per couple for loss of theft of wedding bands.
  3. We will pay up to €500 in total per couple for the reasonable additional costs to reprint/make a copy of or retake the photographs/video recordings specifically taken during Your wedding either at a later date during Your trip or at a venue in the United Kingdom subject to:
    a. the professional photographer who was specifically booked to take the photographs/video recordings on Your wedding day is unable to fulfill such obligations due to death, injury, illness or unforeseen and unavoidable transport problems.
    b. the photographs/video recordings of Your wedding day taken by a professional photographer are lost, stolen or damaged up to 14 days after Your wedding whilst You are still at the holiday/honeymoon location.
  4. We will pay up to €1,000 in total per couple for the loss or theft of wedding gifts specifically given to You in Your holiday/honeymoon location for Your wedding.



    1. Any loss, theft or damage to items must be reported to the nearest Police authority within 24 hours of discovering the occurrence, and You must obtain a written Police report.
    2. For any loss, theft or damage to items while in the custody of an airline, rail company, shipping line or other carrier You must obtain a written report from them (know as a Property Irregularity Report).
    3. Written confirmation from the professional photographer under Section 3a above.
    4. Receipts for lost, stolen or damaged items must be retained and provided to help You support Your claim.


What is not covered:

  • Claims relating to the Coronavirus COVID 19
  • Items which are left in an unattended motor vehicle unless securely locked with the items placed out of sight in a locked boot or luggage compartment and there is evidence of forced and violent entry.
  • Items in Your accommodation unless the accommodation has been securely locked or items locked in a safe or safety deposit box and there is evidence of forced and violent entry.
  • Items shipped as freight or under a bill of lading.
  • Any loss or damage caused by wear and tear, depreciation, moth or vermin, the process of cleaning, repairing or by restoring, atmospheric or climatic conditions, electrical or mechanical breakdown.
  • Any loss due to delay, detention, confiscation, requisition or damage by Customs or other officials or authorities.
  • Any Excess shown in the Schedule of Cover.

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