Event Cancellation Additional Option

This insurance only provides cover for unexpected / unforeseen eventualities. Unfortunately you will not be covered under the Events Cancellation Cover Section of this insurance for claims relating to Coronavirus as this is a circumstance known to you at the time of purchasing this insurance, which could reasonably lead to cancellation or curtailment of the event. If you have any questions, please email us on globelink@globelink.eu

What is covered?

  • Cancellation or Curtailment prior to departure for unused event tickets
  • Cancellation or Curtailment after arrival at destination for travel costs and accommodation

Special Events Cancellation or Curtailment Charges Cover only operates if attendance at the special event is the sole purpose of the trip and the correct additional premium has been paid.

How to choose the right policy extension?

Tailor your policy by selecting relevant Globelink policy Extras at Step 3 when purchasing your cover online. Or call our travel insurance professionals on +357 240 30337, who will help you get the right cover to suit your travel plans.

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If your trip has been arranged specifically to attend a special event like a sports event, musical, film, entertainment or religious festival, concert, ceremony (including wedding/civil partnership ceremonies), you have the option to add an Event Cancellation extension to your travel insurance policy to include the following.

Section Cover Maximum Sums Insured per Person Excess per Claim

Cancellation Prior to Departure

Up to €400 for Unused Event Tickets in total
Up to the Limits shown in your Schedule Section A

Section A Excess as per Schedule

Cancellation After Arrival at Destination

Up to 50% of travel costs and up to 7 days of accommodation



If the Event is cancelled or curtailed for reasons that are entirely out of your control; and not as a result of your own actions (NOTE: Coronavirus related claims excluded. See above); and if the event is cancelled or postponed until after your pre-booked return date (and you have written confirmation from the organisers or promotors, or other officials that the event is cancelled):


You will be covered up to the amount shown in your Schedule for any irrecoverable unused travel, accommodation (including excursions), special event ticket costs and other pre-paid charges which you have paid, together with any additional travel expenses incurred if cancellation of the trip is necessary and unavoidable because the event was cancelled by the organisers.


If the special event is cancelled after you have started your outbound journey or it is postponed until after your booked turn date you will be covered for up to 50% of travel costs and up to 7 days accommodation costs.


This extra option will not cover:

  • Claims relating to the Coronavirus COVID 19
  • If the event is rescheduled before your pre-booked return date to your home.
  • Any trip where less than 50% of the proportion of the special event that you have booked to attend, has been cancelled.
  • Costs which are recoverable from the travel agent, tour operator or company organising or promoting the event, or where you are expected to receive compensation or reimbursement, nor costs for normal day to day living such as food and drink.

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